What Are My Options?

When you or someone you know is arrested it is important to know all of your options and the requirements needed to be met before you can make a decision. Pacific Coast Bail Bonds tries to educate our clients on all your release options.

In terms of Bail Bonds your options are either paying 10% for criminal bonds, we also have an 8% rate to see if you qualify go to Are there any Discounts to learn how you can make payments on your balance after down payment is received. Go to Can I Afford A Bail Bond.

Below you will find a table outlining the requirements and benefits of all options for an inmates release from custody. Not inmates will qualify for some or all of the release options. Inmates with holds from parole, probation, fugitive, immigration are normally required to finish their case before there holds are lifted.(in most cases holds are not lifted, but can be lifted upon the particular agency lifting hold)Further violent crimes are not usually considered for Own Recognisance release. Civil cases normally require a cash bail to be posted for release.

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