Bail Bond Rates

The California Department of insurance regulates what Bail Agencies can charge. In the State of California all bail companies must charge 10% of the penal bail amount.

Bonds up to and including 500.00 in liability will be charged $50.00 Bonds over $500.00 will be charged 10% of the penal amount

However there is a discounted 8% rate available but you must qualify to get this rate.

The qualifications that are needed to receive this legal 8% rate are: Bonds up to and including 600.00 in liability will be charged $50.00 Bonds over $600.00 in liability will be charged 8% of the penal amount

Qualified Labor Union Members
Active Duty and Veterans from our United States Military Armed Forces AARP Members Clients who have retained Private Counsel (Attorney) for their Case These discounts are extended to their Immediate Family

Qualified Union or AARP member is defined as:
Any union or membership in which the defendant or indemnitor are members. Membership MUST be validated by a CURRENT identification card

Private Defense Counsel is defined as: any practicing defense attorney that is retained for or on behalf of the defendant.

Immediate Family is defined as: a parent, child, or spouse.

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